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Season 3 started in Janurary 2022! All of our players find themselves in a strange new world and completely alone. Eventaully some find a few others and formed clans! TheDirtyDucky makes a come back this season. We also welcome in THREE new players: Nakunai_Dragon, NoTisMe_SweenPai, and Tom For Fun with Thomas Thorden!

In March, the Inter Realmers all met up at a central clan hall! BlindKubsy, of Cliffs Clan, was awarded the title of Supreme King as he now not only rules over cliffs, but all of the other clans.

A short time later, a new player showed up in the Caves Clan: PorterHouse! And another in Bakunawa: BeardedBossAlex!

What new adventures await our clans now that they have all met up? Stay tuned to find out!

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Bakunawa (Ocean)

  • DTG Family Gaming
    • CassBass12
    • DeaniusTheGenius
    • The1Troj
  • Nakunai_Dragon
CassBass12, DeaniusTheGenius, Nakunai_Dragon, NoTisMeSweenPai, and The1Troj swimming through an ocean


  • Jauchlander
  • Mikala89
  • TheDirtyDuckie
  • Tom For Fun with Thomas Thorden
  • WheresLee
PorterHouse, Dracoils, DirtyDucky, Tom, and WheresLee in thier cave


  • BlindKubsy
  • Elainey94
  • Juras6x
  • Keegers02
BlindKubsy, Elainey94, Juras6x, and Keegers02 in front of a cliff