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Pronouns: He/Him/His
Country: Spain
Timezone: GMT +1

Juras6x is the friendly neighbourhood dinosaur, he can fly like a bird (into buildings, see season 2), swim like a fish, dig like a mole and run across the world in record time.

This will be Juras6x's second season on the Inter Realms. In his first season he went on an Oriental building journey, with a beautiful Pagoda build, Training Dojo, a beautiful Bridge and pond.

Juras6x has been playing since 1.7, over 8 fun filled years and with the recent Caves & Cliffs he is even more excited and it feels like a whole new game. Juras6x has played both vanilla and modded game modes, more recently focusing on vanilla. Juras6x loves to build farms and to use his redstone knowledge to make his worlds more interactive or immersive. If anything it is as important to have functional builds as it is to have beautiful builds and that is what Juras6x aims to do.

Check out Juras6x's single player world - "Juras6x's World" for some awesome Medieval build