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A showcase of players' builds from season 1.

Season 1

Season 1 of Inter Realms SMP ran from August 2020 to June 2021. The season largely ran in two distinct halves. The first half of the season involved the major storyline of Sheepman (Deanius The Genius Family Gaming) Vs The Protectors (BellaGamingTV). Major server events were The Harry Potter Inter Wizard Tournament and The Crazy Compasses, The Halloween Build Competition and The Christmas District. The second half of the season saw another major storyline with Miner Thoughts wanting to blast a hole to bedrock in the swamp outside of the Shopping District. Not wanting his Million Dollar views destroyed, and under the guise of “protecting wetlands”, TheTroj (Deanius The Genius Family Gaming) set a course of action into motion that would see the formation of the Inter Realms Shopping District Council. This led to the first major community project with the building of the Town Council Building and Gardens.

Despite “The Underground” acquiring the blasting permits from the Council vault via an elaborate heist, the council eventually allowed Miner Thoughts to complete his event in a blasting demonstration for the ages.

World : The Shopping District was established in a plains biome surrounded by a number of diverse biomes within easy distance of this central hub.

Member Channels:

Deanius The Genius Family Gaming
The Doctor Casual Gaming
Blind Kubsy
Miner Thoughts

Members Joining During Season 1:

The Dirty Duckie

Guest Visitor