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NoTisMe SweenPai (Currently Inactive)

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Country: South Africa
Timezone: SAST / GMT +2

A lover of futuristic, ecological builds with a splash of fantasy, Mr “Beanie in a Spacesuit” NoTisMe SweenPai, emerged from an Interdimensional Rift onto the InterRealms SMP Server. Meeting up with all sorts of characters from different realities, SweenPai quickly gets accustomed to the different clans that rule over this world.

But tension looms in the air, as every clan wants to prove their mettle… an inevitable battle is brewing. Using his knowledge and years of experience, SweenPai designs machines with the help of redstone to aid him, builds magnificent buildings to entertain the masses throughout the ages and crafts strategies to traverse this new realm and all the wonderful things it might bring… or at least he’ll try.

View his journey live through his twitch: notismesweenpai or explore the video footage on his YouTube: NoTisMe SweenPai