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Jauchland (Currently Inactive)

Pronouns: He/Him/His
Country: Portugal
Timezone: BST/GMT+1

Jauch joined Inter Realms on season 1, a couple months after it started. He has been playing Minecraft (continuously) since February 2020, but had an earlier experience to check if it was safe for his son.

He has two youtube channels (Jauchland in English and Terras de Jauch in Portuguese) and does live streams on Twitch. He is playing Minecraft with his son and wife on his Portuguese channel (english captions available).

Other games he likes/plays include Valheim, Civilization (playing since the first), and the UFO/X-Com series. He is really bad at any shoot game. So far no one understands how he could kill the last boss on Resident Evil 2 (actually, he was able to try just because no one else was being able to kill it and it was 3 in the morning).

Jauch is mainly a Minecraft Builder.

But Jauch is a Minecraft Survivor. Any alleged deaths are just this. Alleged.